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Alisa Katroshi

Celia Adriana

Celia Adriana

Alisa Katroshi is an internationally

renowned dramatic soprano with

unique ‘brown voice’ starring in

title roles of classics such as Tosca

and Aida in opera theatres

throughout Europe.

Singing ‘Ecco: respiro appena...’ from Adriana Lecouvreur

Singing the famous and beautifully moving aria ‘Ecco: respiro appena...’ (Look here; I’m scarcely breathing…) from Act 1 of Adriana Lecouvreur is like compressing, squeezing and summarizing the essence of human existence into three minutes.

Singing Adriana, following her emotional journey of pure love, faithfulness, humility, arts and morality in an opera otherwise hallmarked by rivalry, ambition, power, intrigue, betrayal, deception, revenge and the tragedy of death comes with great responsibility: the responsibility of sharing my positive interpretation of love being always stronger than death..

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