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Change This World

Billyboy the jamaican Cowboy Recording Artiste" CHANGE THIS WORLD" is a positive uplifting song with the aim to reinforce unity and love among all mankind in spite of the differences among us.

This song came to me in a dream as a message of love to all mankind.

One world ,one beautiful people.

Reggae mixed with country singer, BILLYBOY THE JAMAICAN COWBOY. A very unigue genre of music that not many other artistes take the risk to venture into. However, this Jamaican Cowboy is driven by the great love for his native cultural reggae music and also country music which is adopted from the choice of music that was played in the Christian house hold. He is the first artiste to take up such a genre as his primary choice of music.REGGAE MIXED WITH COUNTRY.

Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy's birth name is Oniel Soriva Morris who was born April 26, 1980 to mother Ianthe Warmington and deceased father, Keith Morris and was brought up in a small rural community called Brown's Hall, St Catherine, Jamaica.

The ability to sing was just natural for young Oniel Morris as he caught on well while singing along with the many country songs that were a part of the musical entertainment into the house hold. The Gambers by Kenny Rogers was his most favorite song and is ofcorse an inspiration but there is something about Bob Marley that was there to stay in his heart. Point to note, back in those days for a Christian family in Jamaica, they will not play reggae but they will play country music around the clock.

Billyboy was crowned "king of karaoke" after winning several karaoke competitions including at the Hilton Hotel ball room, 2002. Nevertheless, it was a hot karaoke competition at the Corlos Cafe that caused Billyboy to start recording with Champagne International Records 2007, after winning the karaoke competition. His first recording session took 7 hours in the studio with Danny Champagne who was very patient.

Billyboy after getting the experience, He decided to continue his music career on a higher level and continued push his way inspired by his own beliefs and dreams even when others did not have faith in what he was doing. His own friends laughed and said discouraging words while some have motivation but Billyboy had his own faith and courage which abled him to be going places with his unigue sound of music. Reggae Mixed With Country.

Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy has achieved otherwise from music as he is also a trained Visual Art class room teacher from the Mico University, Jamaica. Inaddition, He has served the Jamaica Defence Force being a soldier for over 16 years. Billyboy's would like all people to know this. WHEN YOU HAVE A DREAM, NOT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT REACH AS YET MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO REACH. BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION AND PUSH ON TO YOUR DREAMS. Reggae Mixed With Country Singer, Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy.

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