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Celia Stavri


A Better Me

I wrote the song, during lockdown. I had nothing but time on my hands

and I sat and thought about my life and reflected on all my struggles I had endured,

all the decisions I had made and how they had brought me to where I am today. It’s

never easy to see your own mistakes and even harder to say them aloud. So for the

first time I wrote a song for myself! To say, aloud, for all to hear, how I feel and how I

want to be a better me. To live more and appreciate every second. To allow myself

to change and strive for more. To not let the opinions of other to control what I do or

how to do it. To believe in myself and be A Better Me.

Celia Stavri is a well known, multi award winning singer / songwriter; born in the UK

and now living in Paphos, Cyprus. Winning awards as Best Singer & Best

Professional Live Wedding Vocalist in 2020 & 2021!

‘As seen on TV’, Celia was the runner up out of thousands of singers applying for a

Greek singing contest, which was televised in Greece called ‘Rising Star’.

After a promise she made to her brother before he passed, she vowed that she

would never give up on her passion for singing; and a few years later became a

professional singer.

Apart from being a solo singer she is also part of New Rules Duo and the lead singer

of the band, The Cover Up. They perform at weddings and corporate events and for

their local forces (RAF). They were the headlining band at last year’s ‘Party in the

Park’. The band members have also performed with some very well known

celebrities! Eg Sinead O’Connor, Steve Winwood, Bruce Willis and Lenny Henry to

name a few!


My inspiration for singing and song writing is to always find a way to touch people.

Singing is the purest way to someone’s soul. It’s a privilege to be able to do that. My

song writing style is to find honesty in my words and to convey them in a way that

can resonate in others. So many of us have struggled, loved, lost, fought and even

though some of these times have been hard or sad, I try to find a way to always

make my songs inspiring or uplifting in some way. Showing that in life, things may be

though but WE are in control of our lives and WE can turn things around.

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