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Denise Exler

Contributor  "You are loved" by- Ton-E

You Are Loved

, Denise Exler shares light language and uplifting messages that build and support the listener. While Laura uses her beautiful voice to send a clear message that you are loved !

“ In a world where division is culturally promoted, this song was a conscious collaboration designed to uplift, inspire and activate the hearts of those who listen and give us all permission to be our authentically unique and fabulous selves, even if it's not common like this song. [Laura] My hope is that my intuitively inspired contribution supports Denise’s transmission and offers a settling effect for the nervous system, to feel the love offered in this song and to feel safe enough to use it how best serves in your unfoldment as the one you’ve been waiting for.

[Ton-E] This song was a validation of the flow of energy and abundance of creativity in my life. The gratitude I have for Laura and Denise is beyond my words. My intention and hope is this song allows others to feel the same gratitude I have while it was created. “Let your light shine” and know “you are loved” is what I wish for all who listen.

Denise - "I was guided to speak the accompanying words that are channeled so that all may understand. This message from Spirit is to awaken to who we are as loving and enlightened sovereign beings of light. We are Love. We are Supported. It is time to activate our DNA and to open and expand our heart resonance to the world around us and within us. You may put your hand over your heart to intensify the activation when prompted for Light Language is a transmission of higher frequency tones and sounds, full of love and healing from the Higher Realms. As we are all connected as One, we may share this experience of awakened love with the mass consciousness of the planet. The God of our understanding wishes us to know that all is well and that the Light has won. You may listen over and over to the song to evolve with your heart awakening. Blessings.”

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