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Echo wants her voice back

Blue Lament

Blue Lament

Echo Wants Her Voice Back or simply Echo, is a Cypriot born artist from London, often

described as Folk Noir with Blues Rock influences. Echo’s distinctive voice, notable stage presence

and compelling lyrics have been praised by music publications, with Songwriting Magazine

comparing her to the likes of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Bjork.

She self-released a debut EP in 2015, and went on to perform at the 2016 South by Southwest

Festival. Fast forward to today, she has released a series of singles and music videos on her

YouTube channel, alongside a constant stream of updates on her social media.

Blue Lament is Echo’s eighth self released single about loss. The ballad’s lyrics and melodic,

melancholy trajectory, form an attempt to describe grief’s inherently subjective complexities: its

painful, all-encompassing experience, ambivalence and longevity. The song is ultimately about

finding relief or freedom from grief.

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