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Shimmer Johnson

 "Hold me, don't say a thing ! Carry me, to another place. Just say it's over, I'm right here. Just make this whole world disappear. When everything you've loved is lost, when everything you see is gone. Please don't say it's ok, I'll make it through, when all I feel is pain. Life will never be the Same. Never be the Same ! " To discover a need to heal is to realize that, "Life will never be the same". 

Chesney Claire

Distracted- As we first notice something wrong in our minds this instinctive desire to avoid the issue is often met with distraction. When it becomes too apparent, we can choose to go on as if nothing is wrong or we can look a little deeper and begin to Heal the Child With-in. 

Mia Muze

Got it Wrong by Mia Muze

Launched by Brooklyn Free Radio in 2021, Got it Wrong is this Artist's Pandemic musical poetry. A commentary on societal will, and personal fulfillment. This song makes its debut as part of the collection Album22+ Healing the Child Within.

 Sorting through the mess that is all you have known can be tricky. It is ok to acknowledge that you got it wrong. 

Chasing Oz

Facing our inner child can be difficult. Ginine expertly crafted a song to help inspire people to look within and find answers. 

Shifra Jacobs

-" I don't want to go down the rabbit hole searching for a reason..." Resisting what you feel is natural and it has helped you function until now. but reasons must be found injury must be discovered before it can be healed !


Mathmöth is a french singer, multi-instrumentiste and engineer who started as leader of the band Since My Accident. She played in many bands such as Alive Kill, Notch and did a lot of productions in solo for herself and other bands. After touring on her own in acoustic, she did a turn in her artistic life by joining the trap scene and recorded EARWÖRMS during the pandemic, an eclectic electronic emotional album. She is actually working on multiple collaborations online with internationals producers like the Virtual Realm from Australia. She also appears on the maxi ULTRA POISON by the American producer Kenneth Carpenter, released on the french label M&O office in 2022. She is constantly working on her acoustic repertoire, finding gigs locally and helping kids of her city on their way to express by music and gardening.


Once we have accepted the need to heal you, discover that in this life there are others fighting to keep their pain alive and their inner conflict will be brought to the front when they see you healing. Your whole self is worth the fight, Your example of facing your pain is the reality they need to begin their own journey!   

Stephanie Heitz

Alone- Even though it might feel lonely walking the path to healing, it is important to know that: 1. It won't last forever 2. The abundance and peace waiting for you is well worth this temporary feeling  3. Others are relying on you to show them how, to know the purpose hidden by pain. 4. You are really never alone as you learn to validate yourself and feel the abundance of love to be had within yourself on your journey through life.     

Billyboy the Jamacian Cowboy

As we move forward after beginning the work of healing sometimes it is easy to pause along the way and again start to look for distractions. By looking to not make yourself the central focus you can get "Caught up" bettering the world around you. This helps you tap into that Abundance we were just mentioning.   Also escaping old patterns can be a challenge don't get caught up falling back into old habits.   

Annette Joy 

On the journey to Healing we begin to see the suffering of others. Sure we could empathize, but healing ones own pain opens a deeper understanding of personal pain and helps us grow more compassionate.   “A Song Dedicated to Ireland’s Forgotten Children”



Max Ellefant

Clarity becomes a quest- Max's song has not been formally released. He is an aspiring song-writer who has a gem to share with those who come here to listen. 

J. Gani

J.Gani, by name of Jacob Ganidekam, (born March 24, 1997, Accra, Ghana), African country musician, writer, singer and a farmer known for his leadership skills and versatile voice

Founder of Hotspot Media and below is my website that interprets more.

About my song "Strong Woman"

The song points out the self worth of individuals.

A woman represents one's productive contribution into society

sometimes the things we believe in or commit ourselves to limits us from doing the right thing and this song should inspire us to flee from mental slavery and become impactful with our talents and gifts for a better world to live in.


Bridget- On her journey she has had many snags and bumps. Healing her heart as been instrumental in her developing and writing this song. She wrote this song to support you on your journey to healing.  

Cherish Nunnally

In addition to being a great singer, Cherish is a Nurse and child welfare advocate  (Cherish the Children) in the Portland, OR area. Important to remember, take life, " One Day at a Time" healing is not pretty it does not always fill you with happy feelings the rollercoaster is rough but as you take things in stride stand tall soon your journey will have more gone through then there is left to go through and you will bring peace to your soul. 

Noir Dream

Alone with Thoughts- time to explore and get to know yourself as you are absent from the external forces working on your mind. 

Luna Keller

Once you work through the trauma of your youth may begin to feel, see and hear a "Ray of light" directing your path.  Hope !

Robin Benedict

Embracing yourself for who you are away from of the pressures from without, you find "Freedom" once you deal with your hidden wounds, you realize that how you show up in the world is and always has been your choice. When you faced the world in your trauma you understood one way, don't be afraid to grow and change. The freedom to choose ! 

Suzanne Gladstone

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."- Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) Healing your trauma can open your heart to amazing possibilities ! 

Pasha Black

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is a traditional Japanese way of describing an aesthetic perception of the world’s beauty through its imperfection, finding sophistication in simplicity. A renowned musician once pointed out that this understanding was perfectly represented by his shabby old guitar, which he still played during the creation of most of his band’s songs.

The technological developments of the XXI century, along with the proliferation of the internet and digital media, have changed the face of musical practices and forms once held to be the norm. Under these shifting circumstances, Pasha Black of Kyiv (Ukraine) devotedly carries out the role of today's musician, showing both excellent songwriting and production, while striving to maintain an exceptional purity of sound and the clarity of his music's message.

A musical patchwork of pensive joy and thoughtful sadness, impressive mature melodies and deep lyrics, accompanied by richly textured instrumentation, help him to tell his picturesque story. Pasha’s commitment to every small detail of his music enables him to take his listener's minds to faraway places, allowing their spirits to soar.

behrouz broujerdi

Hello, It’s Behrouz Boroujerdi,31 old,

I’m originally from Iran and grow up in Tehran.

I started playing electric guitar in 2005 and started hosting software and sound engineering non-academically in 2015.

I’ve been a solo composer and musician in several groups of Thrash metal, Heavy metal, Rock and Roll, Blues, etc.

I’v had several underground and illegal performances in Iran (due to the ban on underground music in Iran.

And, nowadays I am making music in electronic style.


Others need your example of setting things right ! Publish your new found freedom and light !

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