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Jules Mugisha



-is word coming from Swahili, an Easter African language, meaning brave.

I was born in a country with different instabilities from wars to Volcano eruption. I have witnessed

how the power of love can inspire people to help others but also how hatred can break people and

lead to darkness.

I have lost so many and I always felt like I wanted to give up on life because what could the

meaning of life when your loved ones are no longer there and those who you trusted do not wish

you well.

But the outside war is nothing compared to the war within, you can win battles but life will still be

meaningless because you have lost your inner self and this is the time where bravery comes in.

Finding the strength to stand for what you believe in, ready to defeat all odds because after all, you

got nothing to lose. Rise above all the hate around you and remind love and hope to people who

have lost everything.

Giving light to people who have been mistreated, judged, manipulated and terrorized. Giving voices

to those who have been silenced.

No matter what you have been going through, you are alive for a reason, let your bravery unite

people and make a World a better place for all.

This song is inspired by the struggle and the battles, I have lost many and won few but I am very

thankful for the journey that made me who I am today.

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