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Quiet Warrior

Grit it out, then lace it up” Lace & Grit (Ginine Emily) is a U.S. based singer, songwriter, producer, podcast host and key note speaker. Lace&Grit was born out of a passion and desire to encourage women from all walks of life to love their true authentic self.

Ouiet Warrior - The creative combination of Lace &Grit (Ginine Emily) & Aimmee Francis ( Melbourne, Australia) met via zoom to collaborate on a song. We found out we are so much alike and have some many things in common. Countries apart, yet soul sisters. We are sometimes introverted, songwriters, singers who JUST DO. We started talking about all the amazing people around the world who give themselves in servitude, yet quietly and without any needed recognition. The front line workers, those in ministry or service work, on a daily basis giving to this world, especially during this pandemic.

The words just flowed out of me and this song has become our anthem.

What makes Lace&Grit different is the undeniable heart, soul and passion behind every song. Having trained with vocal giants Eve Robinson, Maestro David Kyle and Tim Carson, she has been recognized by numerous music professionals as possessing unique and extraordinary vocal prowess. Her current project, “Quiet Warriors”, is a series of song collaborations with other women artists from around the world, all designed to bring hope and encouragement to a hurting world. It is set to be released the end of 2021. In addition, Ginine Emily also fronts the band Chasing Oz, who released their sophomore album, ‘Believe in Beautiful’ in May of 2020,


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