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Laura JE Hamilton

You are loved

You Are Loved

"You are loved" is a conscious collaboration that stretched me as my first original compilation of what I now see will be many, in part because I was willing to answer the call to put together this project, which started as a few simple questions.

As an Empowerment Coach, I understand the power of questions but in daring to ask “how easy would it be to create an album?” to the right man (Jared Wade) a creative baby has now been birthed into a community with common unity in the good vibes we are committed to putting out into this world we are responsible for the response-able stewardship of.

When Ton-E Music (Eric Vasquez) first shared his 432hz inspired tones on one of the early summits, after watching the video Michael Seegers and I prepared for Summit players called

*A22* Sound Frequencies, Vibrations of Creation/Destruction & Music with Michael Seegers

I asked if he was looking for lyrics and he said yes, would love to collaborate. And then when I invited Denise Exler to one of our summits, I knew her light language was meant to be included in this project and then realized it could be part of what has become our song. So Denise, Eric and I attended a call where she spoke her inspired language while listening to Eric’s music, and then I recorded me singing key parts along to Denise and Eric’s contributions which were the lyrical inspiration for my singing parts.

I would do things differently if I had the chance to redo it, given how much I have learned even just since it was recorded in March 2021 but such is the nature of the universal story of ‘not enough’ that we are all plagued by until we choose to take our power back.

I can’t even express adequately how coming together with other great players of the game to do this has stretched me and opened a world of possibilities I had not considered before pulling this project together. I am eternally grateful to myself for saying yes even though I didn’t know specifically where we were going with this.

This song is designed to activate a remembrance of who and whose you came here to be which is a lot to ask of a song but there is great love included by all contributors in this musical production so hopefully you will find it healing. 

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