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Lisa Warren

Just a girl

Just A Girl

It was a Monday. March 16, 2020. It was the last shift I

tended bar at the local pub. I had been with the company for a

little over 7 years. It was an Irish pub and its first day of closing

would be St. Patrick’s Day. This crew was tight! I mean, we all

really felt like family. There was not a one of us that was out of

place so to speak. When we all were told to close up I had

everyone over to my place so that we could all hang out together

and have our goodbyes. It seems so silly now.

We barbecued, broke out the guitar (there were a few

musician’s among us) and we sang songs. This group of people

was my home away from home for quite some time and they still

mean so much to me each and every one of them. During the

initial shut down, I would call all the peeps on FaceTime. I wanted

to see them, talk to them, feel like normal in a sense. I’m an

extravert. I have always responded well to group environments. I

absolutely love to meet new people. When the whole world shut

down I think quite a few of us shut down right along with it. There

was a sense across the nation of uncertainty. No one knew

anything about COVID so we all stayed in for the most part.

I remember being a little maniac about a week and a half

into lockdown. I walked outside of my place and sat in the street

for about an hour just crying. I was feeling helpless and a little

hopeless I’m afraid to admit. But I was not alone. I felt that

sincerely. I walked inside and grabbed my guitar. I sat in the

window seat with that guitar and wrote this song. It didn’t take me

long from start to finish. It felt like the song just poured out of my

fingers bringing life to everything that I was feeling in that


I wrote this song with the intention of communicating to the

world that no matter what, you can get through anything when you

feel love. That can be from your Lord, your best friend, your

Mama, even your dog! All any of us want in this world is to feel

love and share it with others. When the world stood still I wanted

to remind them that they are not alone if they open their eyes.

Love is all around you if you choose to embrace it.

Just a Girl



I just can’t believe that something like this could ever be

Staying home

On the phone

Just trying to connect with all my love’s that mean so much to me

And it’s gunna be okay just breathe

It’s gunna be okay

It’s gunna be okay just breathe

It’s gunna be okay

Lean on me

Lean on me

Start to see

A change in me

Just trying to believe the very best for humanity

Staying home

Put down the phone

And hold on tight to what feels right

And forget all that is wrong

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