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My choice of song is “Prophecy”, because it's a song that came to me when I didn't know

I needed it and it ended up helping me and meaning a lot to me. I think it fits the concept

really well since it's about taking a big step to fullfill you true purpose despite the

knowledge that it'll take you far out of your comfort zone and require to let go of things

that have been a really important part of your life. But before I dive into that, let me give

some backround on my story.

I grew up between two cultures, my whole family lives in Germany but my parents

moved to Tenerife (Spain) when I was just 6 months old. When I was 7 I started

spending my summers with my German family. I love both countries but the life I've built

is primarily here in Tenerife. I am really lucky to have my amazing parents that are not

only incredibly wise and loving people but also happen to have a lot of experience and

knowledge that aligns exactly with my needs to fullfil my dream – becoming a fulltime

singer-songwriter. My mum took me to sing in the choir since I was little and my dad

recorded all my songs with me in our homestudio. I started releasing music while I was

still in school, and when I finished I decided to take a year off to build up my career as an

indie artist instead of jumping into university. And here we are now, two years have

passed, I have build up something I'm really proud of and I've decided to move to

Germany, because my opportunities as an artist are much better there. It's exciting but

also a bit sad since I'll be leaving a lot behind.

And here's where “Prophecy” came into my life. I wrote it more than two years ago

before having made the desicion to move conciously. It spoke to me in a way I couldn’t

grasp. It felt like a prediction of a future I didn’t know and that's how it got it's title. It

became one of my favorite songs to play as an encore at my concerts, a bittersweet look


Now I’m about to cross the ocean, leave home and move into a big city to follow my

dreams. And suddenly the song comes true line by line. I feel like that cocoon from the

first line with so much potential. I know it will hurt to leave the people I love and my life

behind, even if we stay in touch. But I know I need to go, I have no doubts that my future

lies outside of my little world, my horizon. It’s leap of faith I have to take, knowing that it

won’t be easy but trusting that the last line comes true and „You will see me flying“.

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