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 - a story of sublime empowerment. It identifies the ebbs and flows of the natural world and links it directly to our real lives, with ups and downs; light and dark, depression and obsession. The mental state of the inner psyche. Beauty vs Terror. The calm, and the storm.

“Even though I’m feeling better, I will wait for the Typhoon”

When the natural state of things dictates that being overwhelmed by one thing can lead one to find beauty and ease in the disorder, and that you may as well wait for the next storm – as it is surely coming. Upon acknowledging the truth in the organic and uncontrollable world that surrounds us, there lays power in calling upon what is frightening and embracing it.

“Lay it on me, Boom!”

Boom is the Artist’s journey of her soul in nature, revealing stories of the organic nature of things.

How it relates ?

We can all feel anxious, frightened and overcome by things out of our control. The trick is to find the beauty and dwell long enough on that insight, which will ultimately help one prepare for the next battle.

There is resistance and persistence in nature. A lesson that can be gained by the human spirit. In the music, there is harmony and dissonance – and yet inexplicable bliss in such dissonance with addition of reflection.

The song ‘Boom’ is a unique musical journey of the soul, and speaks to those who feel they haven’t a voice or choices. It invites them to reclaim the power within, by acknowledging the power without.

Mia Muze is a self Produced Recording Artist, since 2006.

As an Independent Publisher, Muze has released 11 separate collections and has been featured on a dozen other worldwide publications. She has received global airplay, and award nominations and has performed across the US having become a household name in the great state of Colorado.

Mia Muze has been a volunteer performer for Brisbane City Council's Homeless Connect on several occasions and is known for her unique multicultural connections and authenticity.

Mia Muze held the title of #1 ReverbNation Artist from the GoldCoast from 2014-2022 and most recently received rigorous airplay in Japan as part of anniversary dedications in tribute to the Tohoku Tsunami of 2011.

Born Maria de los Angeles Horigome, in Tokyo - she was raised in Sydney, later living seasonally between Colorado, USA, and the Gold Coast of Australia.

Mia Muze has an extensive repertoire as a Songwriter, supporting the cause of Mental Health through music, and has been affiliated with Mad Hatter Music for a few years. Her songs can be described as profound, honest full of vocabulary and stories of truth, travel, and nature.

Mia Muze's latest project includes her Directorship of an Indie Label by the name of Maquis Musick, with a goal to help unique global artists get their works published.

Got it Wrong by Mia Muze

Launched by Brooklyn Free Radio in 2021, Got it Wrong is this Artist's Pandemic musical poetry. A commentary on societal will, and personal fulfillment. This song makes its debut as part of the collection Album22+ Healing the Child Within.

Got it Wrong is a dance-pop piece that received appreciation from her dedicated audience, and also struck a chord with baby boomers, who commented on this fresh musical flavour making them dance!


Youtube @MiaMuze (Muzemania)

Instagram @MiaMuze

Twitter @MiaMuze

Mia Muze under the banner of Digital Marketing and Media Agency, Dallas Daisy Design - is responsible for designing the Cover Art for Album 22 and Album 22+ as well as the site logo.

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