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Mira Raven

You are the star 

You are the Star

I wrote this song in 2018, but I think the message is timeless. It's realizing the potential we have, and the expansiveness of that potential. The song uses the expansiveness of a star to riff on our collective and individual power. "You Are The Star" is the song that would play at the last leg of the hero's journey. It's that little voice of encouragement that reaches out it's hand to remind you you were meant for the journey and you will conqueror it for you are....after all... a star. I believe that when we live in this expansive place we can explore the vastness of our abilities and we stop worrying about what other's think of us or who's better, or smarter etc. From the place of vast love for our experience no matter what leg of the journey we're in, we can always rest in the truth of what we are as it relates to the cosmos.

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