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WE BUILD PEOPLE, WITH MUSIC We have a mission to lift and build humanity by supporting and lifting the artists and musicians who help shape our world

Re-Programe- A song about overcoming trauma and finding purpose. "The whole world's got to know what your gonna show, your stronger than you know...I can't change what was done to me, I can change what I do about it"

Inspired by the summits, We had this song set for production but we kept hitting snags. By the time we made it to the table the song was too loaded down and felt forced. We started over with the bare bones and felt our way through it. We missed the deadline I had set but 

Prompted by Laura and Luna both, feeling that we had a better song for the compilation we kept working to get this one right. Discovering our purpose, came after I learned to heal from the trauma of my youth. Healing along the road of life is not always pretty. Sometimes we face a heavier load and I know at those times for me I have been supported by heavier music.

 The same day we orgnized as a band; recognizing a call to raise our voice to lift others and knowing that we were not alone in this feeling, we started Mad Hatter Music. Too build humanity, grow understanding and as the majority of people diagnosed with the condition Will suffers with end up being lost to suicide, it became our mission to save Will. His talent, his love for everyone and his heart needs to be heard. So many suffer in silence, alone and without hope. What if we brought the artists and musicians who care about people together with tools to help people understand mental illness; the tools, to helping prevent suicide. 

"Life has Pain, you can carry it or Learn from it and let it go"

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