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Future Human

Future Human

Rimini a UK artist focused on bringing joy love and unity to the world through harnessing the power of healing music and the healing properties within music. Rimini's vision is to empower humanity in a joyful revolution of creativity designed to get the listener to question the status quo and heal the poisonous elements of society designed to keep us separate from one another. Since Rimini was very young, she has been focused on bringing power to the people, uplifting them to believe in themselves and in their dreams, so they can stand up with self-love and self acceptance to really shine as the beautiful gifts that they are on this planet.  

Rimini's journey into consiousness has enabled her to discover how important music is on a very visceral level and cognitive level, as the frequency not only heals our cells, but the words and Energy that we sing actually have a mental programming element that can be used for us or against us. Rimini wishes to Reclaim the power of music to elervate humanity, offering an alternative to much of our popular culture that is subtly creating disempowering beliefs and thought forms, that actually do not leadus towards lives filled with joy. 

Rimini's intention for being a leader with Album 22, is collaborate with other artists to harness the power of music and intentionally release it so that it brings more joy to this world and each indfividual on this planet.

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