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Summer Watson

This Life 

This Life

Life can you let down but it doesn’t have to be viewed in only one light. From challenging times we can make changes with love in our hearts in order for us to make the necessary steps forward in our lives in order for us to be truly free and happy. A new day is coming and it is up to each and everyone of us to be our best selves to be kind to one another, break our fears and feel alive. We must thrive in this life not survive. With love in our hearts we can do this.



“Go for your dreams and never give up”

A big voice with an even bigger heart, A chart-topping international vocalist on a mission. Most of her acclaimed live performances have been in support of charities and causes she supports.

Her album, "Summer", recorded at Abbey Road Studios, soared to number one on the US iTunes classical charts.

Having beaten breast cancer and survived a deadly train crash she knows well the setbacks that challenge us in life. Summer, understands the healing power of music.

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