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Suzi Kory

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

In 2016, the lead singer of one of Canada’s most legendary bands ‘The Tragically Hip’ was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In a very unexpected move, he decided that the band would do a Cross-Canada farewell tour… His way of saying goodbye and thanking the fans that had been so devoted throughout the years.

I would end up meeting the band and become good friends with the drummer. We stayed in contact when they arrived to Toronto we met up in person again. That evening we would have a very in-depth conversation about some of the emotional challenges he was facing, knowing that the group which had defined him since his teenage years was coming to an end. He was going to have to start from beginning and redefine who he was as an individual.

At the same time, I was going through my own life changes. I had moved back to North America after having spent 13 years abroad in the Middle East. I had also separated a few moths earlier from my husband of 16 years and was beginning to contemplate following my dreams of becoming a musical artist.

The song came about a month after our conversation as I was just starting to try my hand at songwriting. I wanted to express the importance of self-love and how that must be the basis of everything in a person’s life. Loving yourself results in honoring your true self, which in turn leads you to your life purpose….and only in finding our own purpose can we help shine the light on others to do the same.

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