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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

"Tōn-E has beginnings deeply rooted in music. As a child, he was exposed to many genres of music from pop hits, Rock & Roll, Motown, jazz, and R&B from his parents and family. His love for Hip Hop started the moment he heard “Sucker MC’s” by Run-DMC. The raw energy he felt from that song captivated him and started a deep desire to hear more of this type of music. Tōn-E would go on to become a DJ for the local scene after graduating from high school.

As Tōn-E experienced the effect of music’s energy on others while DJing, he started to collect equipment to make music. What started out as a self-taught hobby grew into a passion and ear for sound. The many musical influences of his past bleed through his music. This eclectic mix is what defines Tōn-E’s style...there is no DEFINED sound or genre. He makes music based on feeling and emotion, and this translates into music full of energy.

Tōn-E now is convinced that music is a pure connection to all of humanity. This art form has transcendent reach across generations, and his mission is to connect present and future generations through his music.

The mission of Tōn-E is to create inspirational music that evokes emotion, and connects people. The energy of his music will connect people and create memories for all time. Tōn-E’s intention to accomplish this mission is to express through his music and educate others that are inspired to join in the beautiful artform."



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